weddings unveiled 2014

People say that something really powerful happens when you make the step from just thinking about your new year's goals resolutions to physically writing them down. It seems like a small step to be so full of weight - but I can be the first (among many, I'm sure) to attest to its genuine potency!

Working with talented Elisa Bricker and Lora Kelley this past year was one of those short scribbles of a dream that proved to be the jackpot that lead to it literally coming to pass. Gathering the glorious touch of a Maggie Austin cake, to the luxury-spilling gowns of Samuelle Couture, this shoot was more than a piece of paper laden with goals could have ever imagined. With the ever-inspirational grounds of Early Mountain Vineyards as our backdrop and canvas, I am so thankful and proud to share these stunning images to catapult us into a brand new year.

And a huge thanks to Weddings Unveiled for bringing us into the family. See this shoot and more in the beautiful Winter 2014 issue!